Terms, Conditions and Rules of Use


  • Booking of the rooms are ONLY for ministry use and not for personal use.
  • The office administrator handles all bookings for the church. You may contact the office administrator at 62564312 or email wacoffice@cathedral.org.sg
  • Any cancellation or changes of booking MUST be made known to the office administrator at least two (2) days before the event.
  • No block booking – For block booking, please show the office administrator a written permission from pastoral staff.
  • The rooms and equipment shall only be used during the time and for the purpose stated on the booking form.
  • You are to arrange for any setup of equipment required.
  • You are responsible for setting up the room, returning the room to its original condition and complete cleanup afterward. Facilities are to be left neat and clean after use.
  • Do NOT remove any equipment/objects from the rooms.
  • All rubbish is to be disposed into bins around the compound and not inside the rooms. Do not leave any rubbish especially food items which will attract ants and other insects.
  • Damage to the premises must be reported to the office immediately.
  • Electric appliances are to be switched off when leaving and doors are to be locked after use.
  • Please collect the key card for the premises from the office administrator and return it by the next Sunday after the booking.
  • Do NOT lose the key card that has been provided to you.